Katakawan: JSEC

In my quest not to seem as though my taste buds were only stuck to the one-dimensional world of chili-dipped siomai, I decided to spend a week trying some random (yet obviously different) dishes at different stalls in JSEC. So, with my tongue wagging and my wallet prepared to take the not-so hard hit/s… oh, anyways!.. just read on. πŸ™‚



Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Chili Mayo Dip from Rolling in the Dip

I don’t think I’ve ever loved sauce this much, especially when it seems as though the sauce manages to go with everything. Rolling in the Dip’s buffalo chicken tenders may not be perfect texture-wise, but the use of thick yet not-so rich sauces proves to be what makes the food here taste oh-so good. But don’t get me wrong, the tenders were okay, but just not as ‘soft’ as I normally expect chicken tenders to be. Thankfully, the rice was well-cooked and the side dish (although not really “bagay”, in my opinion. the side dishes are better enjoyed alone), was simply “yum-mee”. Overall, “good good good” is how I’d describe this very sauce-y dish.



Siomai with rice from Hongkong District

I know what you must be thinking… but who could pass up something like this, a very FULL-filling meal at the modest price of P60? Needless to say, it proved to be one of my better investments for the week, as the rice stuffed me perfectly, and the four pieces of well-steamed dimsum were reminiscent of the siomai I had eaten in places like Causeway and Manila Hotel. The best part of it all, though, was the fact that the condiments weren’t pre-scooped and I had my OVER fill of chili sauce, toyo and calamansi! THANK YOU. πŸ™‚



Daddy Burger from Burger Bunch.

My wallet didn’t know what it got itself into. :”(. That’s all I can say about having spent pretty much my entire day’s allowance on a burger with two patties. Can’t say it wasn’t worth it, though, as it isn’t everyday that one gets to partake of a delectable burger that proved to be worth more than it’s price (in patty taste and texture). My advice: if you want to eat this, be rich. Be very rich.



Chicken with Japanese Curry (Level 2 spiciness) from the Spice Rack

‘Now here’s the soft chicken I was looking for!’ I found myself thinking as I dug into this tasty rice meal from the Spice Rack, which reminded me of eating curry back at home with the usual block-shaped vegetables. In this case, though, the veggies were smaller but the taste… better. ;). I wouldn’t want to know what happened, though, if I had decided to opt for a higher spice level. Maybe I wouldn’t be writing this portion with as much controlled enthusiasm, but I’ll leave that for next week. πŸ˜‰




Chicken Fajitas from Wacky Juanchos.

This was a surprisingly anticlimactic end to a week of unique eats, as the chicken disappointed me once more! :O. Maybe I should just stop expecting uber-soft chicken (except at the Spice Rack) every time I eat at JSEC. *sigh* Oh well… :/. Nevertheless, what the fajitas lacked in softness it made up for in authentic Mexican flavor that made me want to finish what I’d started: which was eat. :)), and that made me forget the chicken wasn’t soft. SORRY na. ;)))



I was planning to do a week at Gonzaga Caf, but I’m just too “blinded” by the convenience of JSEC to really make my move so… forgive me. :”).



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