I once knew someone so afraid and so desperate about love. Worried that she would end up an old maid, this person married the first guy she got a chance to date, despite having only known him for a number of months. When we asked her what she saw in him, she named a number of cliche qualities, insisting that he  possessed them and that he would be loyal and care for her. Plus, he had already proposed and they couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. Many saw it as a bit hurried, others saw it as ‘young love’ whilst others just saw her as someone desperate. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse as three months into their marriage, she discovered he kept a mistress. They were divorced a year later, and needless to say my friend was heartbroken. For her, life hasn’t been the same ever since.

This is what happens when we hurry love.

Many of us have probably grown up watching movies wherein the girl always gets the guy and everything ends up happy after so much conflict, and it’s because of this that we find ourselves growing up believing that we will find that happy ending with the man of our dreams, with everything falling into place perfectly. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case for everybody and there comes a point that some of us find ourselves believing we’ll be spinsters if we don’t find someone quick. And then, we do find someone, and in the fear of never finding someone ever again we move too quickly, think too quickly or assume it’s gonna end here… this person will be the one we marry or the one we spend the rest of our lives with. But that’s not always the case.

In life, we cannot just accept less, especially when it comes to relationships. It’s wrong to simply settle for someone, even if this person seems to possess a morsel of the qualities (or even the looks) that you want your ideal partner to have. We should push ourselves to practice the belief that there’s more out there, and we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to pining over a single guy just because we’re so scared we won’t find another one.

This is where phrases like ‘there’s a lot of fish in the sea’ come into play. If there’s one thing we all should realize about love, it’s the fact that although it is hard to find, when you eventually do find love: true love, that is, the rewards and the happiness are endless.

This philosophy doesn’t only apply to relationships. We should always strive for the best in everything we do, and not settle for anything less. Surely, it may be hard at first for some of us to attain such a standard, but it is once we get used to working toward higher goals in all aspects of our life that we can truly become all-around success stories in everything we do.

So… why settle for just any guy you’ve known since high school, if you can go and find someone out there who’s probably gonna be so much better for you?

Think about it.


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