Read at your own risk! Halloween Special :-)

“I’ve always wondered about that part of me–

the one I’ve dreamt of. The one where I’m not nice,

or friendly… or approachable.

They say I call her Melody, and she calls me Life.

It’s been a long time since I last heard from her.

But she’s back.

I heard her talk to me tonight.

She said, ‘I’ve waited this long, and now I’m ready.

Tonight, I’m taking back what should have been mine.

Tonight, it’s my turn to live on earth.

I’m going to live through you, Life.

I’m going to be you…



“I can’t take it anymore.

Every minute,

every second,

every time the clock strikes another hour towards midnight,

I feel myself slowly withering away.

She’s taking me over!

I can FEEL IT.

As each moment passes, she takes more and more of me,

absorbing me into her.

She is becoming me, whilst I…

What will become of me?”


“It feels so good to be human again.

Oh, I knew that fool of a girl was vulnerable,

and it definitely was easy keeping her by my side,

and lying to her every step of the way.

Now, I shall live her life and absorb her essence.

Now, my second chance on this earth has come.

And I couldn’t be happier.”


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