Inside Looking Out

I feel like a statue, and in a way

I am.

But they gather around me,

And peep inside.

They bow and close eyes,

And light candles before me.

I see familiar faces, and only those

I’ve seen once.

They know me not, but still they kneel.

Still, they pray.

I look beyond the cryptic and find familiarity.

Tears are shed by fluttering butterflies,

All in white.

Dark blues stand strong yet shake inside.

I go up in a few and I shall never return.

Yet visit, maybe…

Send a postcard or two wrapped in red and blue.




Vodka at a Jazz Club

Like hugging her

Wrapped in gold.

Her skin made brighter by the unnatural shine.

Like waves, torrents of angry flame,

Back and forth,

Back and forth.

Marching away from society’s beat.

Head free from heat and affliction.

An endless show piece,

Singular satisfaction,

All at the price of twisted reality.

And then, it ends.


So near yet so far, 

As close as chest to chest, 

Yet as distant as a star. 

Close to could be but far from is, 

Near to care but not close to missed. 

Lovers by the skin of one’s teeth but 

friends through and through, 

United by words, but divided by the truth. 

Random Musings :D



Underestimate the power of a glance.

How the biological meeting of two eyes,

Produces a fire more powerful than the most dangerous eruption. 

How the emotions felt,

Make up for the lack of actual touch.

How even without kindle,

A fire is produced: a flame never to be extinguished

even by the harshest of waterfalls.

Such is the power of a glance. 



A square-shaped earthquake

for all to see.

It’s tremors are brief

yet powerful.