Smothered In The Scent Of You

This piece was directly inspired by the poem ‘Somewhere I Have Never Traveled’ by E.E. Cummings. It is a powerful and beautiful piece which expresses love in such a unique way, and I sought to somehow emulate Cummings’ writing style in my piece below. Such of course, will probably never happen. 🙂

Smothered In The Scent Of You

To be smothered in the scent of you, and to never see the sunlight,

Is to never leave the walls and never seek bright sight.

When the point of no return came, I beckoned for you,

And nothing short of tears you repaid.

To be smothered in the scent of you,

Is to remember what should be erased.

To kiss roses as though they gave shelter,

To smell sunlight as though it had scent.

Understanding the cryptic in the stark and reveling in a truth

A singular truth.

The smell of a dead man like the one only ravens breathed and

Monsters kissed.

Bread crumbs lead me farther, and I am grateful.

Even as covered turns to smothered,

And a kiss is a strangle

A struggle for life.


To be smothered in the scent of you

Is to inflict pain like the kiss of death upon unwilling lips.

Those that wish not to travel back to pain and smell the

Scent of tears upon their cheeks

As though those tears were poison upon their faces.

No more than a rapture of fluttering fireflies.


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