Flowers For The Lonely One

Since I will definitely not have time to freely blog in the succeeding days, I decided to spend the free time which I have at the moment in writing my annual Valentine blog, (which isn’t necessarily annual naman HIHI). Anyways, here goes!

Like the dream I never thought could come true,

Some ghost in my soul from another time.


Torn pieces of what should’ve been

litter the floor.


Wake up, screaming, in a dream as if fantasy

A future that only the crystal ball sees.

Scarlet cheeks are no more

Those dreams of once before

Have become nothing less than what should have been.

Yet sitting in a flood of an unlikely rain has never been so beautiful,

Even when the truth stares you right in the face

and reality’s lips are bloodstained.

Because every gift is a flower to the broken


A reason to smile even when the smile you

want to see does not show itself to you.

So why cry hopeless tears when

sadness is in the mind,

When it is by virtue of thought that

we bring about pain and accept sorrow.



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