Drowning In Depth: A Review of ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

It feels awkward to see ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ classified as a romantic comedy, as the depth in the film’s dynamic seems to go beyond a tag usually reserved for feel-good love stories. Silver Linings Playbook is more than just a feel-good love story: it deals with loss, mental illness, divorce and death and yet does so with such warmness and normality one wonders how these plot lines came to be the movie’s heart and soul. Secondly, the reality in the characterization of Cooper and Lawrence’s characters seems uncharacteristic of the guys and dolls that populate the ‘rom-com’ world. But does it matter? Its the reality in this film that makes it shine. Cooper surprises, going beyond his Hangover acting days and bringing surprising power to the role. Lawrence echoes the spirit of an old soul in her young age, managing to convince us she’s loved, married and lost at 22. She brilliantly sheds the Katniss Everdeen stigma, showing moviegoers that she’s here to stay. Supporting roles are played to compliment the leads quite well. Chris Tucker surprises with a mix of comedy and seriousness, perhaps delivering one of the best acting performances of his career in the process. The Oscar nomination of Jacki Weaver was a bit iffy for me, as I didn’t really connect with her performance in the film as much as I hoped to. Amidst career-best performances and a clever script is a “””rom com””” that is probably one of the most real “rom coms” that I’ve ever seen. None to little effort is made in presenting perfect characters perfectly meant for each other. Imperfections are rife in Silver Linings and that’s what makes this film so beautiful. It took Hollywood quite a while before it even decided to make a film that explored love in such a realistic, relatable sense. Thankfully, that time has come.


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