My hiatus was nothing short of unacceptable, yet with the circumstances of my current condition I saw it fit to not indulge my verbal diarrhea at a time when more pressing matters were of greater importance. 

But its all over now, and I’m more than happy to report my that my tongue waters with things to say about the news that is, that was, and that will be. 

1. Election Brouhaha

A. The Headache that is Political Dynasties

Much can be said about this, but I will only say this: NO. I’m not for political dynasties, yet I do agree to the fact that the definition of what a political dynasty is should be defined and therefore outlined into a law that will prohibit the defined meaning of a political dynasty to become acceptable in the world of Philippine politics. Unfortunately the Congress is rife with relatives and pigs will fly before we see a law like this drafted and even debated by the House. 

B. The Church’s Vote 

Although I do realize that the Church has its right to free speech, I feel as though the Church SHOULD NOT be openly endorsing candidates during election season, as the Church is supposed to be a neutral body that  I feel should not even be taking sides when it comes to these kinds of matters. 

C. Disappointing At The Very Least

Two words: Nancy Binay. Where can I even begin? How did she even get into the Magic 12? Are these surveys really telling us the whole truth about these votes, or do these Pulse Asia data men and women have pistols aimed at their temples as they encode survey data?

  Binay may just be one of the many questionable names running this election season, yet her family’s blatant acceptance of a political dynasty has got people pissed. Who wouldn’t be? Personally, I’m hoping she’s edged out by someone more capable like Risa Hontiveros come May 13.

D. Forum Factoids 

I unfortunately forgot to chronicle my personal insights following my attendance of the Sabay Sa Bayan forum that was held in my school last year. Anyways, considering these facts still seem to be quite timely at the moment I feel they are still worth recounting to my readers. 🙂

  Things seem to really change once you step beyond the TV and see these candidates in the flesh. I found myself more interested in body language once the forum was underway, as it gave me the perfect opportunity to observe these individuals ala Lie to Me. Here were my observations. 

Christian Seneres- He chose an appropriate seat, one that clearly showed he was out of place among a number of political heavyweights. There seemed to be something awkward about him. 

Mitos Magsaysay- She echoes an aura of reserved womanly maturity but things change when she talks. She’s either over-eager to emphasize her points or she’s simply trying too hard. I noticed a number of repetitions in her replies. She isn’t the most eloquent woman around. 

Bam Aquino- He’s well rehearsed and well-trained. Haunting resemblance to the rest of the Aquino men seems to work in his favor; but he’s got more to prove with a cousin as president of the country. 

Grace Poe- Another well-rehearsed candidate who does a mighty good job of attempting to establish herself as her own person. Yet her campaign posters tell another story. How is it that someone trying to shed the Poe stigma decides to emblazon the face of her late father on her campaign items?

Teddy Casino-  Another experienced speaker who brings his activist background to the table, managing to convey his ideas quite well. Nothing iffy in his body language. 

Ernesto Maceda- He exudes the aged politician aura, something which the nostalgic types may find rather appealing. Yet for a man with a checkered past nothing is for certain. I tried to spot some change in expression or action when he revealed the actual cost of his stem cell therapy yet saw none. I need to get my eyes checked. 

That’s just the first wave of my rants. Second wave to come next weekend! 







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