Three Little Ways To Interpret ‘Olympus Has Fallen’

DISCLAIMER: These are all a matter of personal opinion, they’re all totes informal and they’re all conspiracy theories. 

1. A Guy’s Need for Redemption

It takes the death of several White House agents, a North Korean terrorist with a hidden agenda, a treacherous White House agent, the capture of the President and several cabinet officials and the death of a number of soldiers  in order for Gerard Butler’s character to somehow avenge the death he accidentally cost at the start of the movie. 

2. Titular Prompt 

The writers needed a story (and a reason) to incorporate the words ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ into a film because they thought it sounded cool. 

3. American Empowerment 

The film is a form of propaganda that intends to empower Americans into being prepared for what they believe is the inevitable possibility that NoKor intends to attack the White House and set the stage for a nuclear war. 


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