HALF SLICE a.k.a. Verbal Diarrhea Beta

1. Chaos in America

Ever since the Boston bombings last April 15, things haven’t been going smoothly for the US. A number of  security scares have been in the news recently: ranging from a shooting at a prestigious university to the interception of a ricin-laced letter that was meant for President Obama. 

My Slice: [Update] One of the Boston bombers has already been apprehended (thankfully). The conspiracy theorist in me believes that the scares were perpetrated by the NoKors (sorry guys hehehe), but the facts tell me otherwise. I send my deepest condolences and sincerest prayers in a balikbayan box to those who need it in Boston. On the other hand, I have to admire how Americans take quick action when it comes to events like this. One may attribute such to immense resources, but I believe we can take a leaf out of their book. Their resilience is admirable. 


2. Tugonon Troubles

Janine Tugonon deserves the award for ‘weirdest headline of the week’. The beauty queen made headlines (and riled up Filipinos in the process) when she revealed on live television that she had broken it off with her boyfriend Jaypee Santos. 

But wait! Thats not all. 

You may be wondering what the reason for the breakup was. Well, apparently Janine was on texting terms with the frontman of Irish band The Script: Danny O’Donoughue [I apologize I think the spelling is wrong]  and nagselos si Jaypee. 

My Slice: I find myself ill-equipped to argue with regards to Janine’s supposed “thing” with Danny, so I’d rather stick to things I can argue about: like for instance, the medium which Janine chose in order to reveal such juicy information [showbiz talk]. During the time that the Anne Hathaway incident was big news, I recall people were talking about this certain style of interviewing individuals that Filipino reporters had a tendency to do whenever they interviewed local celebrities. This is the manifestation of that tendency. I’m sorry but there was absolutely no respect for the privacy of both Janine and her ex-boyfriend, as evidenced in the questions asked and the method in which they were asked. I lack sufficient relationship experience to analyze the situation from that standpoint, so as I’ve said earlier, I have decided to analyze the situation from the standpoint of the media. 



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