The Monologue of a Muse (as she speaks to her Artist in Thought)

Paint me like one of your French girls.

Draw me in detail

With my black tears streaming down

And the melted lipstick on my nose.

Spare me the scarcity of covering

And draw what you wish to see.

Look in and depict

The coloring of my mouth

The shade of my blush

The rupture in my soul.

Notice how my arms are bent yet stay straight

Notice the white in between my shoulder blades and my chest.

Take your brush and mix the brightest shades with gloom

Feel my emotion as you paint.

A strand of hair is on my belly

Yet the shade does not match mine.

Take note of the blanket: it is white, not gray

And it covers the red you noticed

Before we began.

Find time to draw the ruffles on the cloth

And the things you don’t see fit to shade.


End with your name.



I can feel the pain of those whose paintbrushes seem to work no more. Artists who sit in front of an empty canvass, dissecting themselves mentally for the answer: a masterpiece. I sit with them in spirit, my tortured soul a mere witness to their depiction of loss: a goodbye to the things that welcomed them into their craft.

  At night, I close my eyes and walk into the uncertainty of the everglades, my eyes focused on the ornate silhouettes before me. I want to sit, but this place is not safe. The water is rife with danger and the trees are rife with hate. Frightened, I cross my fingers and try my very best to step into something concrete; praying with bated breath that I don’t die.

   Just when things are about to fall apart, my eyes open: burning with the heat of the morning sun. My soul wakes up from a momentary slumber, refreshed and rejuvenated by some sort of a transcendental interaction with my unconscious past. I used to be someone before, and now.. I can’t wait to be her again.




Gulatan Ang Peg: A Slices of Life “Summer-Ender” Post

I love news for two main reasons: one, it never gets boring; two, there’s always, ALWAYS going to be a tidbit that’s worth talking about. Presenting: my thoughts on some recent news-worthy bits of info!

1. The Magic Of Photoshop, Or Obvious Na Obvious

Charice has finally admitted what many have been speculating in the past few months: enough said.

Verdict: I have to say that I was one of those who was quite surprised at the news that Charice happened to be gay. I don’t really follow Philippine showbiz so I wasn’t aware she’d began to change her image until those photos of her going from a girly-girl with Sunsilk straight hair to a wider version of Daniel Padilla decided to pop up on my feed. Call me stupid, but a part of me didn’t want to accept that was really her, and I dismissed her recent “image change” as a product of Photoshop CS3 and a photo of Daniel Padilla. I was obviously wrong. Anyways, I hope people stop judging her anymore (I know I will), now that we know the reason behind her sudden image change, because looks aside, she’s still one hell of a monster talent, AAAAND… she’s Filipina (so, yeah… nuff said).

2. Close But No Cigar, Or She’s Probably Not THAT sensitive 

Vice Ganda got quite a lot of flack for a supposed “rape joke” he/she [I’m sorry, I’m not sure] said about veteran journalist Jessica Soho during one of his/her concerts. Since the incident got netizens talking, Ganda (what is his/her real name?) already apologized on live TV for the incident.

Verdict: Despite her serious occupation, I’m 100% sure that someone like Jessica Soho would most probably not mind being joked about… in a nice way. The interpretation of Ganda’s joke added a lot of fuel to a fire that would not have been that big had this supposed “joke” not been about “rape”. There are nice ways to joke about someone, ways that can actually be used by skilled comedians and comediennes who know how to properly entertain an audience WITHOUT going too far. There are some cards that need not be played, some things that need not be said.

3. It’s Not Funny Anymore.

I was reading through the newspaper one afternoon when I came across a disturbing headline: an American tourist was gang-raped in India. Recollection of the details escape me, yet I feel there is not much need for them at this point.

Verdict:  Don’t get me wrong, but I love India. I love its culture, appreciate its food and its people. But I have to say I’m deeply disappointed with what’s been happening over there these past few months. I’m rather unaware as to what the statistics were with regards to crimes against women in India in the past years, but the recent surge of headlines about crimes against women has made me aware of this issue. And, just like any other woman… I don’t like what I’m hearing one bit. Nor do I like what news like this is doing to the reputation of the country as a whole. I absolutely do not accept the fact that this is a “culture issue”.

I apologize about the fact that my writing in the previous paragraph has turned from pseudo-rational opining to emotional ranting, but I do believe I have a point. Issues like these are a matter of international significance and they should be brought to the attention of people all over the world. One needs not to be stupid to realize that things like this don’t just happen in India. This isn’t something that is only worth bringing up during International Womens’ Month, violence against women is a year-round problem that deserves as much trending time on Twitter as insignificant hashtags like #KathrynBernardoCocaColaITONA (sorry Kath fans :P).

4. Rationality In Flames, or Too Emotional To Be True 

I’m sure this is old news already at this point, but here’s a refresher: MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino wrote a seething letter to Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown after discovering that Brown described Manila as ‘the gates of hell’ in his new book ‘Inferno’ (among other negative descriptions).

Verdict: I’ve heard this before. From Teri Hatcher to Justin Bieber to Dan Brown….. and everything in between. And we wonder why we were named as one of the most emotional countries in the world? Well, I’m not surprised. If we’re incensed by the use of a seemingly accurate description of Manila, then who knows what worse hate can do to us? Bieber simply tweets an opinion on Instagram about the Pacquiao match and someone proposes making him a persona non grata. Teri Hatcher says a line about Filipino nurses and is “held liable” for her comment.

One of the only pseudo-valid incidents of Filipino hate would have to be that Taylor something issue. Considering the dude MISTAKENLY said he went through our airports and actually DIDN’T…. well, you get the picture. We had a right to be slightly pissed about that. But the other incidents were just too darn minute to even be cared about. Other countries receive more unnecessary flack than we do, and here we are crying about it like someone decided to declare war on us. Well, BOO-HOO.