A Letter to the DOTC

Dear people who want to increase the LRT fees by August, 

First of all, do know that we understand that you have been subsidizing our train fees for too long, and in some small way… we thank you for that (I guess). Or should we… considering the money you used to pay does come from our taxes, doesn’t it? Anyways… that’s a whole other story. 

  Back to the point. Even though you fine people have been subsidizing our fees all this time, that doesn’t mean you’ve been giving the Filipino commuter a five-star train ride. 

Case/s In Point:

a. Turnstiles that don’t work —> What is the use of having 8 turnstiles wherein commuters can insert their card and head to their respective destinations if only THREE of them work? Small problems like this can cause quite the congestion during rush hour. Surely, you may say that inserting your card in the turnstile and leaving happens to be something that takes less than a minute, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s a problem that NEEDS to be solved. You may not realize it, but those couple of seconds that commuters spend waiting to insert their card in the turnstiles during rush hour can equate to them being late for school or for work. And being late is NEVER GOOD. 
b. Bathrooms that are either too little to support rush hour crowds that need to pee/too dirty and too darn dark… –> Look, I’m not asking for Rob Magnolia standard toilets here. I’m sure it’s going to be too much to demand things like toilet bowls that automatically flush and automatic faucets and soap dispensers. So I’ll just say this: toilet paper, toilets that flush… more lights, more stalls (kahit dalawa man lang.). Did I forget to mention annual cleaning, maybe? The fact that LRT toilets are public is no excuse for not keeping them hygienic. 
c. Choppy sound systems –> It would be of great help to the tired commuter to actually be guided on the train. Hindi yung siya pa yung titingin sa labas para lang malaman kung anong station na. Besides, what’s the use of having some disembodied voice play between stations if that voice isn’t even clear enough to be heard by commuters?
d. Vendo ticket systems that actually WORK. Ticket booth lines would probably not be as long as they are in the mornings if those automated ticket booth thingies which supply commuters with cards aren’t all out of order. Consider fixing these machines. PLEASE.


Now I’m going to be understanding about this. I don’t want to be misconstrued as one of the many complainers present in social media, so I will say this. I’ll be very much willing to pay the increased fare if I see changes/improvements in the problem areas I’ve mentioned above. But if I don’t, and these price hikes continue.. then I’ll be very, very, very disappointed in this government…. know that my regard for this government is not positive. Why?

   I think it’s pretty obvious. If you’re stupid enough to not understand what I’m trying to say, than consider rethinking why you’re in the government in the first place. All I’m saying is that I’ll be very much willing to do my part… if you’ll be willing to do yours. 



Commuter Girl. 

P.S. In fairness, the employees of the LRTA happen to be some of the friendliest people in government. Amalayer was nothing short of stupid when she decided to bitch around in Santolan 😉


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