Appropriate Leave, Or Now Is The Time

Acceptance is the gift of maturity. With it, you can wake up feeling so much more… positive about the things around you that you forget why you even cared so much in the first place. Why you put so much time and effort into something that was never even worth it. 

Now that hurts.

 But then, there comes a point when things must end. When you must force yourself to be agreeable to the reality of goodbyes. Surely, it may be quite hard to do so at first… but the rewards are endless. Maturity is one of them. 

 Maturity is something that entails letting go, and leaving behind the times of our innocence for the times when we will find ourselves struggling with the worst of what life has to offer. Surely, such unfortunate realities are not meant to exist… but they do. Idealism is no cure to the challenges of everyday life, and it is with maturity that we are able to face these things head on, and without a worry in the world. 



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