Selma And The Summer Only Shampoo a.k.a. A Sabaw Story

Selma once told me she knew a girl who sold shampoo.

“Summer-only shampoo,” she called it. “Sold only in the summer.”

I asked Selma what made that shampoo so special. Why was it sold only in the summer?

“She tells me it’s made of sunlight,” Selma said. “Of the rays in the early morning.”

“But why would we need shampoo made of the rays of the sun in the summer when we encounter them every day?” 

“I asked her the same thing,” Selma replied. “The rays make us happy in the summer. They remind us to rest and relax; and to wait for the days when the moon will be up for long and the nights will be cold. They remind us to stay positive in the moments when it seems like the only thing we’ll ever want in our lives is to stay positively miserable about everything around us.” 



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