Bowl of Soup

So, this is what happens you deprive yourself of sleep, take two exams consecutively, and not eat a single thing for the entire day.

My head is throbbing right now– emotions seem a thing of the past. It feels as though regret for not properly absorbing my notes is coming back to haunt me. The shame of sitting through something and realizing you haven’t done your best, when in technical truth… you have, haven’t you?.

 Yes, that moment of questioning. When you realize you’ve spent weeks absorbing what you weren’t even able to use in your actual exam. Your eyes want to close, but there’s more that awaits you at home.

Another exam, another report– this is life. A nap may come, but it will never be enough. A weekend is merely metaphor for a time of supposed respite. It also signifies broken promises we learn to accept over time.

 You sigh, sit back and plan to go home. The question is: do you really want to?





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