Some Thoughts On “The Amazing Spiderman 2” For Someone Who Hasn’t Seen the First One

After seeing Catching Fire and having absolutely no idea what the hell was going on until I saw the Hunger Games, I promised myself I wouldn’t make the same mistake. But I did! Sorry Spidey. Anyways, I’ll get straight to the point here. There’s no use writing a review if I haven’t seen the first one (a prerequisite, in my opinion), so I’ll just write out some things that caught my eye.

1. Garfield is too good-looking!

Tobey Maguire was the perfect combination of geeky and yet surprisingly, cute. Andrew Garfield, on the other hand, exudes a nice guy vibe but seems a bit too… ‘handsome’ to play an awkward character. Needless to say, he makes up for it with good acting and convincing mannerisms.

2. Garfield x Stone: Perfect!

There’s nothing like the star power of a real-life Hollywood couple to make a film work. Garfield and real-life girlfriend Emma Stone make the audience swoon with their extreme cuteness! They share an infectious chemistry that is nothing short of undeniable.

3. When Did Harry Get So Whiny?

Dane Dahaan is not my type (honestly, Buzzfeed I don’t know what you see in him). James Franco may not have the best rep as of late, but as Harry Osborn he had a more stable head on his shoulders than this 2014 reincarnation. He’s turned into a brooding, Bale-as-Batman like character and I can’t say I like this version of him. Apparently this is how things were in an alternate Spiderman universe, one I will ask a comic connoisseur to explain to me in further detail.

4. Stone > Dallas-Howard

Emma Stone has proven her worth as a dynamic actress once more, outplaying Gwen Stacy’s previous incarnation (Bryce Dallas-Howard). In this interpretation of the Spidey series, Stacy is more than just a perky blonde– but a smart one at that who happens to work at Oscorp and is on the verge of a scholarship to Oxford. Kudos!

This is again, I believe, the result of a change in universe that a comic connoisseur would do a much better job of explaining. 😀

5. The ‘Nicer’ Side of Town 

One thing that I remember from the original Spidey films was that they lived in a not-so affluent part of town. In this incarnation, they still don’t– but the interior seems to be a bit more suburban than it was in the first few films. In short, the house looked friendlier. Did something happen in the first film that made them move or something? XD

I won’t say much, save for well: that’s about it. 🙂




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