Vantage Personal Advertisement

I chose to go with a minimalist advertisement because I personally believe that it best describes my work philosophy and the way I want to market myself. I’m a very straight up person, and a very simple person at that. I chose to use “Consistent”, “Creative” and “Cutting Edge” as my buzzwords because they best describe my work ethic, and that is what I’m selling to my audience.



Colleen Elise A. Yu
0929-320-4573 | 740-1806 |

Interested to pursue a position as staff writer for Vantage.

Ateneo de Manila University
AB Communication (2016)


Project LAAN Inc.
Associate Vice President for Internals (June 2014- Present)
Deputy for Monitoring and Evaluations (June 2013-March 2014)
• As Associate Vice President for Internals, currently responsible for the pre and post event evaluation of the organization’s events, editing of project proposals, and construction of quarterly organization progress reports
• As Deputy for Monitoring and Evaluations, edited project proposals, wrote narrative reports about the organization’s events, conducted post event-evaluations of the organization’s events and wrote quarterly progress reports about the organization’s events.

Alay Ni Ignacio
English III Tutor (April 2013- June 2013)
• Conducted classroom lectures in third year English for the summer school students from the different partner high schools of Alay Ni Ignacio
• Corrected and edited student requirements related to the subject: essays, reflection papers, poems and the like

Ateneo Orientation Seminar 2013: Layag
Secretariat Committee Core Team Member (April 2013-June 2013)
• Procured freshman student lists from the Office of Admission and Aid
• Secured brochures from the different offices to be included in the O-Kit of the freshmen
• Organized freshman student lists into block lists for use during OrSem proper
• Aided freshmen with school office related concerns during the event itself
• Provided assistance for the Lost and Found booth during the event itself


Tsinoy National Convention (December 2013)
Liyab: 8th NCR-Wide Journalism Training Seminar (September 2010)


I am not simply passionate, yet action-driven as well. Fluent in American English, Mandarin and Filipino, and can converse in American English, Mandarin and Filipino. I am proficient in MS Office, and am very much open to learning other programs including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. I enjoy watching television shows and films, blogging, cooking, listening to the Beatles and writing poetry. My drive to put my passion for writing into action pushes me to do nothing but my very best. My experience working with non-government organizations that advocate for health equity and education have given me a unique perspective of society, a point of view that I hope to utilize for the better during my time as a staff writer.

Humor, Honesty and Heart in “The Fault in Our Stars”

Move over, Nicholas Sparks: a new author is set to dominate the romance film market. John Green may have a long way to go before matching the “A Walk to Remember” author’s impressive record of bestselling novel turned big screen adaptations, but it looks like he’s off to a pretty good start with the highly anticipated adaptation of “The Fault in Our Stars.”
Based on Green’s 2012 novel of the same name, the film tells the love story of cancer survivor Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort). Yet unlike many recent teenage romance novels, the film also deals with serious themes like sickness, loss and death, all through the eyes of a sixteen-year-old girl.
Managing to echo the idealistic nature of a teenager despite her chronic illness, Shailene Woodley proves to audiences that there is indeed so much more to her talent. In the film, she displays an impressive emotional depth, one that seems awfully absent in several of her contemporaries. Ansel Elgort mixes the charm of Tom Hanks circa You’ve Got Mail with a modern day sex appeal ala Zac Efron, something that makes him both endearing and attractive all at the same time. Yet it is his natural sense of humor and playful banter with onscreen best friend Isaac (Nat Wolff, another memorable portrayal) that make him shine.
As someone who has not yet read the book, it is particularly difficult to judge “The Fault in Our Stars” based on its plot accuracy. Yet if there’s one thing that sets this apart from Nicholas Sparks’ stories, it is realism reminiscent of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in “You’ve Got Mail” that makes the film stand out. Yes, the film may have its fair share of mushy moments, but in the end it manages to tell a very real story of love and loss, one that is awfully relatable no matter whom you are. From making you laugh to making your bawl, TFIOS does it all: what more could you ask for?
Rating: 4 out of 5 (Worth the Watch)

“Victorino’s”: A Diner’s Review (Part 1)

It was supposed to be just another casual post-dinner affair at the coffee shop closest to our Quezon City home. Instead, it turned out to be a first time experience dining at one of Tomas Morato’s classier hidden gems: Victorino’s.


Victorino’s exudes a very old meets new Filipino vibe. Upon entrance, the diner is greeted by a lavish chandelier that hangs above a mahogany desk. Native wares are displayed alongside vintage photographs of classic Filipina ladies dressed in baro’t saya. The main dining hall mixes antique Filipino with chic bistro, contrasting crisp white table cloth with antique dining chairs.


One might say that it would be ambitious to proclaim Victorino’s service as the best waiting service I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in my dining escapades. Yet, I can’t say I’m wrong. They may not take the time to remember your name and write theirs on your desk with crayon, but the well-dressed wait staff worked and operated with an air of obvious training and experience, something that I rarely encounter.


Our trip to Victorino’s was only supposed to consist of desserts, but we ended up ordering a few savory dishes in the process. I surely didn’t mind.


Mango Torte (4.5/5)

Had this been less frozen, I would have given this a five out of five. The Mango Torte from Victorino’s definitely lives up to its name as one of the restaurant’s best-selling desserts.

Things I Loved: golden mangoes- a testament to good sourcing of ingredients, overall taste, balance of sweetness

Things I Didn’t Like: difficulty of consumption, abundance of cream

Chocolate Cake (3.5/5)

Besides its unnaturally huge size (a reason, perhaps, for its unnaturally expensive price), Victorino’s chocolate cake is nothing spectacular. It lacked the heavenly sweet effect that comes after a bite of majestic chocolate cake. Besides that, it was relatively passable.

Things I Loved: not much, really

Things I Didn’t Like: lack of wow factor

New York Cheesecake (3/5)

I have had sufficient experience with making cheesecakes to distinguish between the use of Magnolia Cream Cheese and mascarpone. Lucky for me, this particular cake used a higher quality cream cheese (which I can’t say was mascarpone, lol..). The problem is, that was all I could taste: heavy, boxy mouthfuls of cream cheese. Okay, I get how this is supposed to be a cheesecake, but don’t cheesecakes come with a skillful balance of crust versus cream? I didn’t see that here.

Things I Loved: presentation (cutesy and classy)

Things I Didn’t Love: what’s with the dollop of cream and mint beside all the cakes (not just this one?), aren’t they rich enough?, too much cream cheese



Stay tuned for part two, where I review the savory dishes and comment on the overall experience of “Victorino’s”!





Breaking Silence: Slices, Chunks, and Pieces of Life Return!

Late nights are always the best time to write. Known to some as the threshold of fatigue and shear epiphany, these few hours of pure darkness are surprising little moments: the times in life when the oddest inspirational moments can come crashing down and you have absolutely no choice but to indulge them.

I honestly wish that my decision to write at this late hour had been brought about by such a circumstance. I’m afraid, my dear readers, recent occurrences (read: life outside my computer screen), have not given me much free time to use my keyboard as much as I want to. This particular moment in time happens to be my most ‘independent hour’: a period that is the threshold between my time for rest and class in six or so hours.

Anyways… I’ll get to my point.

A Whole New World: Advertising

I’ve switched myself this semester, and I’ve opted to take Advertising courses in school. I won’t say much (since further conversation could lead to turning this into a diary entry), but I will say this: it’s a whole new, intimidating new world, a challenge to push me right out of my journalist comfort zone. It’s too early in the semester to say, but I really hope things pay off.

Dramarama Sa Hapon: The PDAF Jail Tales

I didn’t do much reading about the arrest stories of PDAF’s top convicts Senators Bong Revilla and (oh man, what’s his name again?) Ejercito. But I have to say, I was irked by the media’s decision to chronicle their several detention related complaints. Instead of spending this paragraph (and my time) complaining about how spoiled they are, I only wish to say that I hope this teaches the Filipino voting public a lesson about which leaders to choose once election hour approaches. I honestly hope and pray that come 2016, we opt not to make these mistakes repeat themselves.

Dapat WaLUNG cancer: The Sad Truth of Miriam’s Plight

I was one of the many Filipinos that was nothing short of heartbroken upon learning of the news that Senator Miriam Santiago has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. First of all, lung cancer? She didn’t seem like the smoker type to me. Second of all, why God… WHY? It’s hard enough that Filipinos are literally pushing themselves to still have faith in the political system… so why are you slowly taking away one of the main reasons why they still hope for progress???

I can only hope and pray and dream that the beloved senator gets well very, very soon. She is very much an inspiration to all. I personally believe that aspiring politicians should look to Miriam as a prime example of a tenacious politician. I hardly think she’s the most perfect legislator in our country’s history, but she is one of the more consistent ones. Plus, her credentials are incredible in their own right!

Give Nora the Aunor! 

I am personally quite unfamiliar with Nora Aunor’s recent exploits, but I do know one thing: she DESERVES to be honored as a National Artist. I have yet to enlighten myself on the story behind whether or not her drug allegations were true, but if they weren’t, I believe Nora deserves a formal apology. I mean, who wouldn’t feel ashamed of having been called out for (possibly false) drug abuse charges by the president of your home country? #medyonakakahiya.

The Haze of Hazing 

Before I go on further, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the family of the DLSU-CSB student who was killed because of hazing. I have to say, though, I was even more surprised that hazing is still a thing these days. Call me snobbish, but I thought those things went out with MySpace (lol).

I’m KIDDING! Hehe. Okay, I get it: fraternities and sororities uphold traditions, and have their own little worlds. But why do those worlds have to involve physical abuse just to get in? Haay– some traditions are just plain stupid. (But I’ll never understand, since I’m not part of a frat! Well, with all do respect, IDGAF).

P.S. Hoping that the Guidon considers a feature story on Frats in the Philippines? 😀


Feels Tripping: On the Power of Advertising 

While browsing my Twitter feed a few weeks back, I came across this powerful ad from Whisper. Aimed at female preteen empowerment, the 2:00 minute commercial featured young women, a boy and little girls being asked about the connotation of the term like a girl. The early part of the advertisement had interviewers ask young women and a young boy how they thought a girl ran. The ad then asked the same question to young girls. There was a noticeable difference in how the young women and the young girls demonstrated this action: while the young women stuck with the stereotypical definition of ‘running like a girl’, the young girls featured in the ad were shown to run quite normally. Once told of how actual young girls portrayed the ‘running like a girl’ stereotype, the young women shown earlier in the advertisement changed their portrayals of how they ran, choosing to run like their normal selves.

Needless to say, the message of the commercial was one that resonated with me. It made me gain some form of respect and renewed interest in Advertising, and how the right ads can not only sell products, but advocacy as well. Yes, Advertising may be one of the many powerful tools behind Capitalism, but it is a tool that is not as one-sided as we think. With the right words, visuals and execution, advertising can be a tool for positive change.



I’m off to bed. Shabuya. X