“Victorino’s”: A Diner’s Review (Part 1)

It was supposed to be just another casual post-dinner affair at the coffee shop closest to our Quezon City home. Instead, it turned out to be a first time experience dining at one of Tomas Morato’s classier hidden gems: Victorino’s.


Victorino’s exudes a very old meets new Filipino vibe. Upon entrance, the diner is greeted by a lavish chandelier that hangs above a mahogany desk. Native wares are displayed alongside vintage photographs of classic Filipina ladies dressed in baro’t saya. The main dining hall mixes antique Filipino with chic bistro, contrasting crisp white table cloth with antique dining chairs.


One might say that it would be ambitious to proclaim Victorino’s service as the best waiting service I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in my dining escapades. Yet, I can’t say I’m wrong. They may not take the time to remember your name and write theirs on your desk with crayon, but the well-dressed wait staff worked and operated with an air of obvious training and experience, something that I rarely encounter.


Our trip to Victorino’s was only supposed to consist of desserts, but we ended up ordering a few savory dishes in the process. I surely didn’t mind.


Mango Torte (4.5/5)

Had this been less frozen, I would have given this a five out of five. The Mango Torte from Victorino’s definitely lives up to its name as one of the restaurant’s best-selling desserts.

Things I Loved: golden mangoes- a testament to good sourcing of ingredients, overall taste, balance of sweetness

Things I Didn’t Like: difficulty of consumption, abundance of cream

Chocolate Cake (3.5/5)

Besides its unnaturally huge size (a reason, perhaps, for its unnaturally expensive price), Victorino’s chocolate cake is nothing spectacular. It lacked the heavenly sweet effect that comes after a bite of majestic chocolate cake. Besides that, it was relatively passable.

Things I Loved: not much, really

Things I Didn’t Like: lack of wow factor

New York Cheesecake (3/5)

I have had sufficient experience with making cheesecakes to distinguish between the use of Magnolia Cream Cheese and mascarpone. Lucky for me, this particular cake used a higher quality cream cheese (which I can’t say was mascarpone, lol..). The problem is, that was all I could taste: heavy, boxy mouthfuls of cream cheese. Okay, I get how this is supposed to be a cheesecake, but don’t cheesecakes come with a skillful balance of crust versus cream? I didn’t see that here.

Things I Loved: presentation (cutesy and classy)

Things I Didn’t Love: what’s with the dollop of cream and mint beside all the cakes (not just this one?), aren’t they rich enough?, too much cream cheese



Stay tuned for part two, where I review the savory dishes and comment on the overall experience of “Victorino’s”!






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