Glimpses: On A Return to Writing (and Slices of Life!!)

Writing is like the lover I always wish I had. A caring, thoughtful, supportive, encouraging, and ever-present entity, one that cared nothing for my looks but more for my personality. An individual whose ear listened more to what I had to say than how I said it. Someone so caring, yet so willing to detach from me enough to give me adequate breathing room to actually be.

Yet the past few months have turned my perennial romance with writing into a one-sided relationship, one whose scales have tipped in no one’s favor but those of the entities who believe that writing is indeed not for me. Such is the reason for this entry– a long overdue collection of thoughts on recent happenings. Enjoy yourselves. 

Goodbye to Comedic Genius: RIP Robin Williams 

I would have wanted to make this paragraph a chronicle of how this actor’s films affected me as a child. But then, how different would I be from anyone else? Movies are as integral a part of our culture as sports or politics. One way or another, Williams has moved millions with his work, and his death is a shot to the heart of comedians everywhere. 

In a press statement released by Williams’ ex-wife, she asked that the world not mourn Robin’s loss, but remember the times when he made the world laugh. Needless to say, those moments were numerous, memorable, and nothing short of genius. It is really unfortunate to know that months after the loss of a brilliant actor such as Philip Seymour Hoffman, this has to follow. I wish his family and friends the best, and offer my deepest condolences. 

Yet let us look beyond Williams and his body of work, and take his unfortunate loss as a lesson– sometimes the people that may seem to be the happiest are actually the most hurt. Sometimes, the strongest people have their weak moments. Reflect on the people in your lives who take on the role as your ray of sunshine, or your rock. Remind yourself of what they’ve done, and be thankful for them. Take time to care for them. Better yet, thank them. They deserve it. 


Personal Robin Williams Favorite Films: Mrs. Doubtfire, Bicentennial Man, Patch Adams

Williams Movies that I Have Yet to See: Good Will Hunting


Kabit Cinema: On the Prevalence of Infidelity Movies in Philippine Cinema 

One word would be enough to explain my thoughts on this: WHY?

When did it become okay to glamorize infidelity? When did it become okay to make numerous films that centered on woman-on-woman rivalries for a man who deserves nothing more than a proverbial slap on the face? WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? 

Why couldn’t we have settled with comedy, or drama? Some of our actors are brilliant in these genres. Perhaps non-installment horror movies, or period dramas could make better alternatives. But no, these are the stories that sell. This is what makes money. 

The worst part about these kabit movies is that they cast beautiful actresses and handsome actors in the lead roles, and capitalize on the naughtiness of forbidden sexual encounters between the glamorous leads. 

Isn’t it ironic how a country so proud of being predominantly Catholic also happens to continually glamorize the same “sin” that the Catholic religion preaches against? 

Cinemapinalaya: Uploaded without Permission 

During the past week, directors who participated in the annual Filipino indie film festival Cinemalaya raised hell over the unauthorized upload of several of their works both on YouTube and on the website of Cinemalaya. 

Talk about unfair (to the directors). Although, I really do wish these movies were available in DVD, because (1): they’re way better than mainstream cinema, and (2): they have more unique plot lines.