A Slices of Life Special: Snippets

Before writing this entry, I made sure to equip myself with as much information as I could about the events that occurred on the 25th. Hopefully, now that I am at the very least a bit more knowledgeable about everything, the opinion I provide in this piece will be an informed opinion, and not one wrought of collectivist tendencies. 

Needless to say, what happened was a tragedy.

What could have been a successful mission ended up as a botched disaster, and men that should’ve come home triumphant, instead came home dead.  I am one with the families of the 44 men who were killed in Maguindanao, and the families of the civilians who were caught in the middle of the crossfire. I hope that every single government entity that promised you help today will fulfill their promises and keep their word to you. I know it isn’t every day that that happens, but if these people really have a heart, dear families, perhaps they will. I’ll keep you all in my prayers and memories.

A  PR Disaster

PR students of the future will look back at P-Noy’s mistake as a prime case study for what not to do in the face of tragedy. I’m sure I won’t be the first to say that he SHOULD HAVE CANCELLED THAT EVENT. The Mitsubishi people would have understood, Mr. President. I sure hope this wasn’t a case of avoidance, because if it was, then perhaps we should thank you for showing off another of your many weaknesses: avoiding conflict. Let’s take note of this, dear readers.

[I have yet to hear his full speech at Camp Bagong Diwa, so I cannot make an informed assessment.]

On the Leah Navarro tweet/s

For those unaware:http://entertainment.inquirer.net/161879/grace-lee-aquinos-presence-during-arrival-rites-would-have-been-valuable


With all due respect, Madam Navarro, don’t you think it rather unfair to think that the presence of common citizens should be likened to the presence of the President at those arrival rights? Did he not say during his campaign days (and even during his presidency), that “kayo ang boss ko.”. Don’t you think it would have been an appropriate form of service on his part to at least welcome the remains of these fallen soldiers? He is, after all, the head of state, is he not? Don’t you think that it’s a part of his responsibility as president?

Please know, M’am, that common citizens are one with those grieving. I’m sure you watch news, and I’m supposing you saw those clips of prayer rallies at Tomas Morato, or the vigil at Ateneo, or the news story about the sympathy walk? We are one with them. We want justice for them.

But P-Noy was elected by these citizens, and by those families to lead us, and that role requires responsibilities that citizens are not charged to fulfill. Perhaps you should take that into account. Pleasant evening.


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