(Gotta Get That…) BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! a.k.a. Opinion Explosion Part Uno

The title is a reference to my inability to resist writing down my thoughts on the topics of the day. From politics to pure entertainment, here’s what I’ve been trying [not] to say for the past few weeks. 

1. The Devil in the Dentist

A dentist from Minnesota was recently discovered as the culprit behind the luring, shooting and subsequent beheading of a beloved lion housed in a national park in Zimbabwe.

Verdict: Rest in peace, Cecil.

It’s hard to maintain my ‘I don’t agree with your actions but respect you as a person’ rule when it comes to situations like this, especially because I don’t understand the thrill that comes with hunting animals. WHY???

What kind of psychological/physical satisfaction do you get from killing for sport? Does it have to do with all the possible innuendos that accompany shooting a gun? Is it really THAT HARD to find a way to compensate for your insecure masculinity? Gosh.

The dentist (I’m not googling his name because why even bother!) claims that the appropriate permits were secured in order to hunt legally, but then how is it that he ended up killing a lion that was supposed to be in ‘isolation’???

Let’s stay tuned for updates on this issue– and hope to God he gets his due. SHAME.

2. Tayminaj: The VMA Twitter War

Taylor Swift misread a frustrated tweet from Nicki Minaj regarding not being nominated for a Video of the Year VMA, which resulted in an online misunderstanding that came close to breaking the internet. Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Camila Belle also figured in said Twitter strife.

Verdict: Let’s be honest, the tweet did sound pretty incriminating. The real mistake here was the assumption and the decision to post a retort that was very on the fence. I’m sure that we’ve all experienced that at least once in our social media lives: reading a tweet/status that sounds like it’s aimed at you. And rarely do we have the bravado to reply (unless of course, you’re Taylor Swift). It was a very impulsive decision on her part.

I don’t want to say too much about the bigger issue surrounding Minaj’s disappointment considering I haven’t done enough research about it just yet. One thing that I did find distasteful (along with so many other people) was the way media agencies framed the story with regard to photo selection. Was it really necessary to select a photo of Nicki and Taylor together? Of course not. But it seems like people didn’t really think that way– selecting contrasting photos that portrayed Swift in her innocent stage and Minaj in her more.. wild phase.

I’ve had my reservations about Nicki Minaj but even I’m aware she’s been toning down her image and taking much more chic photos in recent months. It sure would have been more impartial to select a photo that doesn’t make her look like she’s crazy.

On Katy Perry’s shade-throwing tweet and Camila Belle’s subsequent affirmation: both ladies clearly have axes to grind. Katy happens to be very much right, and Camila Belle became the unfortunate subject of a very vengeful song.

Feminists argue that Swift shouldn’t have to apologize for a song written in her youth, contending that male artists write about their relationships all the time and aren’t made to apologize for their lyrics. I recall sharing an article about Swift’s interview wherein she mentions this fact and I still agree with her that male artists like Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars have the luxury of not receiving that brand of treatment. But that still doesn’t give her the excuse not to apologize for the song.

Firstly, the relationships of these male singers didn’t garner as much vapid media attention as Swift’s trysts during this point in her career. Secondly, the lyrics weren’t exactly the nicest verses in the world, and were very distasteful.

But then, what about rap? What about those innuendo filled lyrics about ‘getting with bitches’? If one were to demand an apology from Swift, then all those rappers and writers who did write vengeful songs should apologize as well. Is that ever going to happen? No.

It seems only fair that everyone apologizes.

3. Chris Brown and the Iglesia: A Concert Conundrum

Chris Brown was barred from leaving the Philippines for a few days after his Manila concert due to a pending case that stemmed from his no show at a New Years Eve concert. He was eventually allowed to leave after his local promoter was arrested for estafa. Brown, along with his promoter, have been ‘summoned?’ to appear in court to answer for the charges.

Verdict: This was an odd situation, one that was vague in terms of context and conclusion. It does, however, serve as a testament to the power of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Despite his past legal issues, I’m happy (?) to see Chris not act negatively towards Pinoys… taking the issue with a grain of oddball humor.

I feel pretty bad for his promoter, though. I’d sure like to see some more context care of the media in order to shed light into how things went down with regard to the arrangements, and whether Chris really did forget/lose his passport.

4. Banaterong Binay: A Prequel

This lovely ‘ol entry is a prequel to the next part of this opinion explosion series, and focuses mainly on a brief, vague history of the gripes made by our notable Vice President.

One: Binay preaches the power of experience in selecting a presidential candidate.

Two: Binay questions the legitimacy of Grace Poe’s residency and possible candidacy

Three: Binay resigns from the Cabinet, hating on the administration in the process.

Four: Binay brags that he’s got the presidency in the bag

Five: Binay talks about how nabbing the presidency is ‘99% prayer’


Where do I even begin?

For danger of sounding like the usual ranting netizen, I don’t want to begin talking about how he’s clearly kurakot and probably the world’s most mayabang politician. Instead, let’s try to face the facts.

It seems his family sure has a big problem with that– from Junjun holing himself up in Makati to him decrying ‘selective justice’ instead of following the law and allowing himself to be subjected to due process. If you really were that innocent, Binay, you would have just gone through everything and vindicated yourself through the legal process. Instead, banat ka lang ng banat. Why does your behavior not surprise me at all?

Is respect just not part of a politician’s set of personality traits these days? Apparently not. Pride sure seems to not run in short supply over at the Binay camp.

With enough research, you will eventually discover that those photos people are sharing that argue Makati was progressive even BEFORE Binay are actually true. Ever heard of credit grabbing?

Finally we end with the talk of an overconfident Binay.

So, you’ve got the presidency in the bag, huh? 99% prayer? SERIOUSLY?

There exists no better motivation to register to vote and to NOT vote for Binay than his recent actions. You complain about the current administration and claim you couldn’t do ANYTHING to get your way? If you’re really such a brilliant politician, than why couldn’t do manipulate your way to actually getting you way?

Forgive me, I’m rambling.

The answer here is not to rant or ramble, but to support argument with fact, and inform. Do your research, compile your data, and tell your friends to make the informed choice. Better yet, tell them to use that voice and that choice (if they’re 18 and above) by registering and voting.

NEXT WEEK: Belated SONA Special, Sino Speak, and Saaatisfaaacshuuun ❤


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