The Inspiration Awakens: A Star Wars Review





I have never been the biggest Star Wars fan.

My closest long term Star Wars memory involves being the unfortunate reason behind why my siblings were unable to finish watching  A New Hope in theaters (or was it The Empire Strikes Back?) because the sounds frightened the hell out of me and I was crying like a typical spoiled baby.

But that doesn’t mean I’m dismissive of the franchise as a whole. As someone who used to be quite the avid writer type, I have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for Lucas type individuals who are able to craft elaborate characters, worlds and societies that have now become iconic.I mean, who doesn’t love Jedis, Chewbacca (our shih tzu was named after this furry phenom) or Darth Vader? To me they may just be characters but to some they bring back a  world of incredible childhood memories.

Never fear Star Wars fans, the Force Awakens is the stuff of millennial brand childhood memories for both real children and children at heart.

It seems only apt to begin this section with acknowledging that yes: I may have screeched upon seeing the iconic font, score and production style all back together. If a not-so big fan like myself reacted that way, one can only imagine how the fanboys and fangirls are doing.

Because the film is still quite fresh, I’m skipping elaboration on the plot in favor of a paragraph in order to acknowledge both the old and new faces in this billion dollar franchise.

Daisy Ridley’s Rey is not your typical feminist icon, but what she is a symbol of perseverance. This young Brit isn’t here to be the next Emma Watson, but a breakout star in her own right.  Who gives a crap about John Boyega’s skin color when he shows that he’s got the chops and personality to boot?

Searching for Gwendoline Christie and Lupita Nyong’O in the film was one of my favorite moments so I’m not spoiling anything on where you can spot them in the movie. One hint, though: it takes a world of good senses to do so successfully. Adam Driver plays dark and disturbed to perfection, and is a face we should all be excited to know more about.

The movie is jam packed with the most eccentric group of film extras ever, but its heart continues to lie with Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford). Both play old, reunited rocker couple to perfection, and are heartwarming to see onscreen.

That’s about as far as I’m willing to go in order not to step on any toes and anger any die hard fans. Perhaps, once I’ve refreshed my knowledge of the franchise and enough people have watched it (read: everyone else who hasn’t), than we can talk.
















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