Because a Say is a Say no matter what you Say

In previous posts preceding the elections, I’ve talked about the need to educate fellow voters and to go out and exercise democratic rights. Well, guess what? that time has finally come. It used to be months away, but elections are now less than a week away. And needless to say, the political landscape is at its messiest.

Social media has become a toxic place filled with accusations of professional news networks showing visible bias toward certain candidates, sloppily made ‘graphics’ about audacious allegations, and endless threads of disappointed individuals voicing out their extreme pessimism about the election race as a whole. People have actually ended friendships and had fights over their beliefs and become more opinionated than they have ever been online.

I’m at that point where I’m nothing but sick of what I see on the internet, as it seems like the elections has turned a lot of people into the worst versions of themselves all in the quest of expressing an extreme level of support for their chosen candidate. Is it really THAT hard to accept dissenting opinions? Must we really resort to belittling those whose thoughts are contrary to ours?

I have to admit that I’ve developed a deeper connection with this particular election because it will be my first one as a registered voter, and needless to say the bullshit has not helped my decision at all. Let this serve as an introductory entry to a series of posts meant to assess and opinionate on how this race has gone so far. From COMELEC hos and woes to candidate centric issue posts, join me (as I have time hahaha) to get talking.


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