CandiD8, CandiH8 aka the Post that Might Get Me Death Threats

(Still on it AKA continuing series on election related commentary)
For this post, I’m putting on a brave face and doing a per candidate verdict section– based on everything from controversial news to debate performance to shear personal preference.
Jejomar Binay
Thoughts: There’s nothing worse than a politician accused of corruption. There’s nothing much worse than a politician who refuses to deny nor admit to corruption. What’s the worst? A politician loud and proud of one of this government’s biggest social ills: the political dynasty.
Let’s not make this about his skin color or his daughter– I am no fan of Jejomar Binay and his politicking. I may not be a big fan of this administration but to see how he summarily resigned from his position in the cabinet and began to play the blame game on the administration he HAPPENS to be a part of just seems so… ludicrous. He doesn’t even bother mentioning what he has done during his term as vice president and seems to think that the logic of ‘if-i-can-do-this-in-a-small-city-i-can-do-it-for-a-million-other-people’ makes perfect sense.
Well guess what? It doesn’t.
Prescribed course of action: Honesty is the best policy.
Rodrigo Duterte
Thoughts: Here’s another big fan of the ‘if-i-can-do-this-in-a-small-city-i-can-do-it-for-a-million-other-people,’ logic, among other things.
I won’t mince words here. At first I actually saw you as a beacon of hope, Mayor– especially in the early stages of the race when it seemed like you would actually run. And then you said you didn’t… and then you said you would.. and then you didn’t reach the COC deadline. And then.. you ran. The rest, they say, is history.
Duterte supporters can say all they want about the media bias faced by this front runner but even they have to admit that he’s no angel– even he’ll say that I’m sure. But what he doesn’t seem to get is how when you’re a public figure words mean something. Words are actions and he seems to only have the worst kind of words coming out of his mouth.
His upbringing is no excuse for such behavior, nor are his audacious promises and tendency to flip flop. Let’s sit back and recall the last time a politician flip flopped on a publicly made promise– oh yeah. Remember GMA? Remember when she said she wasn’t gonna run but did… and won?
Unless things change and dayaan (or the grace of an unknown higher being) prevails I’m at that point where I’ve come to.. albeit begrudgingly, accept a Duterte presidency. I’m not willing to set aside his words from the campaign season but I will… out of my love for this country… give this man the benefit of the doubt. Think about this, though: Cayetano says that ‘best practices’ are but a google search away. But what’s the point of standing in front of a broken faucet, google search solution in hand, without the resources to make change possible? What’s the point when external issues make things impossible? The true leader knows not just what should be done but knows how to adapt in case things don’t work out. In case external circumstances make things impossible for the solution to become a reality. Is Duterte this kind of leader?
Prescribed course of action: You better not screw up—for the sake of all of us.

Grace Poe
Thoughts: Neophyte, underdog, surprise top notch senator—you almost had me, Grace, you almost did. Your research impressed me, your irrational battle with citizenship based legitimacy endeared me…. I was this close to forgetting that you haven’t been in public office for long.
But now I don’t know anymore. You’ve said things… you’ve succumbed to things I’m not for and I’m not quite sure about you just yet*sighs*. But one thing I’ll keep about you, Grace, is that we need people like you in office. People not tainted by a political last name and a corrupt upbringing. But your feet is barely wet and now you’re heading for the ocean? Are you sure?

Prescribed course of action: Build your way up, do your job, and things will change in 2022.

Mar Roxas
Thoughts: In another life… if you weren’t in LP….. if Cory didn’t die and you didn’t give way for Noynooyyy……
I feel like life would not have been this hard for Mr. Roxas had he not chosen to be part of LP, because it’s not like he hasn’t done anything during his time in government—especially for someone whose entrance into public office was born not out of willingness but of circumstance.
My timeline is filled with individuals who support both Roxas and Robredo but I cannot bring myself to support Roxas because of the time he has spent being accepting of what are glaring administrative errors. Had he chosen to promise correcting the mistakes of the past at an earlier time maybe things would change. Had he chosen to distance himself from issues and accepted his mistakes maybe things would have been different. Pero wala eh. But one cannot help but pity Mar. With the weight of blame he receives for the most audacious of administration mistakes he would probably have been dead by now. I’m supposing he probably doesn’t log on to social media because almost ¾ of the posts online seem to enjoy bashing him. Let’s be honest. He probably won’t win but at the end of the day behind the yellow shirt and the gwapo son is a human being—one, I hope should be spared of the cyberbullying once the election fire dies down.
Prescribed course of action: Serve, serve, serve & let the people know about it. Nicely. Also, stop the admin whipping boy task you’ve given up enough for Noynoy.
Miriam Defensor Santiago
Thoughts: The KWEEN with her coif! I’m not afraid to say that she’s got my vote, and I believe there are enough reasons why. This woman possesses the intellect of all these foreign educated candidates and the tapang of Duterte—so why isn’t she leading? Why has she become the last choice?
One word: cancer.
It’s a crippling hindrance and a horrible excuse to place in front of a woman whose experience and capabilities paint her as the perfect individual to reign in a problematic nation. In another life, this woman wouldn’t be sick. Perhaps in one of the feasible worlds God made she would even be president (NAAAAKS USING DAT PHILO 103). But we have our world and this is the Miriam we get.
The biggest mistake she made during this campaign period was choosing Bongbong as a running mate—this, from the woman who claims to be the candidate of the youth. But then, there’s the part of the youth painfully aware of Martial Law, and then, there’s the other half, the one that seems to think it okay to forget the mistakes of the past.
Least we can do is put her where she belongs—the presidency.
Prescribed course of action: Take your meds, beh. Disown Bongbong. And V O T E for her!


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