Candid8, Candih8: VP Edition

(It’s only fair to get this done. Chz.)  BIAS WARNING.

Alan Peter Cayetano

Thoughts: You used to seem like one of the more reasonable legislators until you decided it was okay to say that six months was enough to suppress crime. You’re brave and consistent and those are genuine plusses. But… naaaaaaah.

Prescribed course of action: Skip the tandem game and stand on your own two feet. 

Bongbong Marcos

Thoughts: Can one really fault detractors of this guy when he shares so much physical similarities with his father? Pangalan palang, mata palang–nandyan na lahat. Listen to the video that proclaims Martial Law and listen to him speak in the VP Debates. Feel chills up your spine. Remember though.. to detach, because it is true that the son is not the father. But the son is part of the family.

And the family is behind ill gotten wealth– and lost lives– and torture methods that would come to scar and traumatize thousands of families. And that alone is cause for apology. Unfortunately for us, despite his education Bong doesn’t seem to realize that– and chooses to remain a remorseful, unapologetic prick.

But Martial Law aside, what has Bongbong even done in the senate besides the BBL? Does he have laws passed or filed that will make a true dent on the ills of this country? Well, if such exists then where is the proof of his productivity? Why isn’t he  trumpeting that instead?

You’re a lucky fool as it seems as though your daddy’s bffs in the sects of the Philippines might just win you the Vice Presidency. And the world will see. And the world will remember us as the most forgiving country. The one that decided.. yeah it’s okay to wait 20 years: let’s elect the kid of that same guy who declared Martial Law and screwed the country up for a few years.

Oh well, notebook papel.

Prescribed course of action: It may be too late, but say some ‘sorries’ and things may change for you. 

Gringo Honasan

Thoughts: The soldier turned senator turned VP wannabe. It seems as though he hasn’t made much of a dent in the VP race. Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmmm.

Prescribed course of action: Somebody tell me what he’s been up to!

Chiz Escudero

Thoughts: Robot voice aside, this guy used to lead the vice presidential race. He hasn’t been a social media whipping boy but has been hounded with his share of controversy in the campaign period. I trusted him as an up and coming senator but feel as though he hasn’t quite convinced me so I’m iffy.

Although he seems to do the tandem bit a bit better than Cayetano, I’ll give him that.

Prescribed course of action: Voice coach!!! (CHZ.)

Leni Robredo

Thoughts: Grace and Leni are similar in the sense that they both do not have the taint of public office on their hands. They are neophytes, yes, and they bring to the government a mindset free from the jaded-ness of problematic political systems. I apologize deeply to Leni fans, as I horribly underestimated her (believing her to be a bit reminiscent of Cory). But it turns out I was wrong, and I couldn’t be prouder to call this woman my candidate for VP.

It’s pretty noticeable in the media how other candidates seem to have more mud than usual to throw at each other, but such is not the case for Leni, as her biggest ‘taint’ is her choice to run under LP. Savage social media users dare to post photos that decry Robredo’s alleged high election commercial spending. But this is the same woman who doesn’t drive but commutes home on a bus like everyone of us. Suck on that, internet trolls.

Prescribed course of action: Vote for this woman. 

Antonio Trillianes

Thoughts: Whatever happened to the Bad Boy of Oakwood? Well, he spent time in jail, became a senator, and chose to pull the most desperate pre-election moves in recent history. It’s hard not to see his actions as such because of the timing and his placement in the surveys. Productivity wise though, Trillianes has done substantial work as a legislator, and, if he chose to keep his head down for a few more years, could probably try for the big leagues again. For now he seems to be better placed in the legislative branch.

Prescribed course of action: Keep at your senatorial work pls. 



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