Slices of Life: Diet Edition

  1. Why, Even? The Marcos Burial

Apparently President Duterte is making good on one of his campaign promises: having late Dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ wax body finally make its way to the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Verdict: Our president is a lawyer and his mom was a Martial Law activist… so why is he so blind to why this isn’t a good idea??? Our history books teach us that Marcos’ time was turbulent and troubling for the country. He left the Philippines a world of debt and hundreds of families still suffer because of what he did. It is as simple as Libingan ng mga BAYANI = Marcos, not a bayani, therefore = NOT ALLOWED.

2. Gloooo-oooo-oooo-ria. 

Former President Gloria Arroyo was recently released from detention. Days later, she secured a deputy spokesperson gig at Congress– and, just like that, a former thief and election cheat is back in power.

Verdict: ANUNA, PILIPINAS? One can only shudder to think about what kind of an example these recent events are setting to the youth of today. A former dictator can move on and move into a burial zone of heroes. A proven election cheat and thief is allowed power and freedom. It hurts to have grown up aware of Arroyo’s misgivings and to see her go free like this. I don’t care about your long weekends, Gloria, I want you to pay for your crimes.

3. Manny Pacquiao and Death Penalty: A Saga

Verdict: Going straight here because trying to explain this incident just makes my blood boil. Manny, no. Just don’t. As much as I’d to lament on how this guy even got to the senate in the first place, that’s not the issue here. Votes were counted and we put him there.

What I’d like to go into is what we can do with him considering he’s already in the senate.

First things first, why are you even talking about death penalty?

Second of all, stop quoting the Bible. You wanna learn how to be a senator in the senate? Use laws and legislation and not God to defend your arguments.

Lastly, do some research and work on bills to benefit Philippine athletes. Get them training centers and education and facilities and credible coaches. Get them what they need to be at their best to win gold. Work on legislation providing winners (like Hidlyn Diaz) with sufficient compensation. Do some real good for Philippine sports.




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