More on “La La Land”

I loved a lot of things about “La La Land”– the acting, the music, the seamless story line. And then there were the moments that just got to me. One such instance is when Emma Stone sings the haunting “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)”.a story turned power song that soon becomes her ticket to stardom.

“Here’s to the fools who dream, foolish as it may seem” sings the track, and right they are. La La Land is a love letter to these people– dreamers, those unafraid and gutsy enough to chase the most ridiculous aspirations at the cost of a stable life.

But what about those who don’t? What about those people who accept reality and choose to give up the lightness of free spirit for the sake of stability?

What about people like me?

La La Land brought back a tumult of memories for me..most of which included moments in my life when I used to be a free-spirited, highly inspired ‘writer type’ that saw scripts and short stories as my future. That moment in particular comes almost six years ago, when I had first discovered the Beatles and found myself obsessed with the color and the chaos of 1960s culture.

Needless to say a lot has changed since then. Time, place and circumstance have brought me to a point where I am inhabiting a space that seems more stable than it was six years back. But that spark… that wellspring of inspiration and shear flight, has gone. Ideas just don’t flow like they used to, and I miss that freedom dearly.

But then, perhaps I can find that again. Perhaps La La Land has guided me to reminisce about a not-so distant past that was just incredible for me.

Could I come back? Should I?…




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