Me. ‘Nuff said.

On my way to the path lined blue,

With hopes and dreams that are oh-so true,

Pursuing my passion, something I love,

With help from the Lord God above.

I’m excited and I truly can’t wait,

For now I’d like to save the date! ^_^

Things I Live By:Β 

Hoping. Dreaming. Working=> Success. πŸ™‚

Life is a road. Tread it with caution.

Things I’ve Said:Β 

“I’ve always wanted to wake up in a world that was perfect. But even if I did, that world wouldn’t be perfect without you.”

“Waking up with a smile is like waking up with a frown about to fall.”

“I can have all the friends in the world or none at all, but if there’s one friend I wish I had for life, that friend would be you.”

“I wish those eyes of yours couldn’t just look at me. I wish they could see my heart, and just how it beats only for you.”

“The best dreams are the worst realities.”

Things I’ve Hoped/Are still Hoping For:

Decent college to study in.

Chance to take higher education preferably in dramatic writing at Tisch.

Mr. Right πŸ˜‰

A job at Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair or Food.

Things I Dread:

Ending up as an uneducated, self-centered, penniless brat.

The end of something 24-year-old and beautiful.

Not fulfilling at least 10 items on my Bucket List.

Screwed up and supposedly grown up sister.

About Meee πŸ™‚

Colleen Elise Arriola Yu

‘Chervs’ Yu πŸ™‚


Freshman at Ateneo De Manila University

Taking up AB Communication, Major in Journalism. (sana!) πŸ˜€



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