Thought Bubbles & Cake Slices aka Hey, 3AM

I’m starting to think that I’ve forgotten what a paragraph looks like. Yes, it has been THAT long since I’ve found time (and inspiration) to actually visit the blogosphere for the perennial verbal rant on the world today. Luckily, I have FINALLY found that time. Yay. 

Transpo- nation, transportation 

The Gist: Uber, Grab and the LTFRB: A saga of regulation, rule-breaking, inconvenience and missing application forms.

Verdict: Oh, transportation– a perennial issue that plagued me a lot especially during my college days. I’ve been fortunate to not have more dastardly traveling experiences but I have my share of ehh moments (especially when I commuted on a regular basis). However, with the bad comes some equally pleasant moments– those small little instances that reminded me greatly of the good that still exists in the PH.

A favorite story of mine is when I was heading home at a rather late hour and was lucky enough to have ridden with a taxi driver who happened to be the father of four girls. He was awesome enough to tell me about the shady operators who were behind taxis involved in scary incidents of attempted kidnapping and rape. He also gave me tips on how to protect myself when commuting– especially when riding taxis. I was so thankful for the help that evening, and even more thankful that I got home safe.

So where am I going with this?

First of all, nobody’s perfect– Uber, Grab, taxi operators, and especially the LTFRB. Both Uber and Grab and the LTFRB made their share of mistakes in resolving the issue and that’s just not okay. Taxi operators in the country are also problematic and have been for years (almost decades) now. There’s a reason why Uber and Grab have become popular modes of transportation for commuters– they feel safe because the applications give them that security– something that taxi operators have not been able to. These applications have become popular to the point that they’ve actually become legitimate threats to operators not under Grab or Uber— thus the push for Grab/Uber accredited vehicles to also be regulated the same way that regular operators are.

In light of the issue at hand, here are my points:

  • Stop the demonizing. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, all parties have made mistakes– but all parties have one common goal: to provide transportation to the riding public. Also, both parties have their share of good guys and bad eggs (you’ve seen the facebook stories). Keep that goal in mind and get out of the {wrestling} ring.
  • See the bigger picture. This goes beyond the issue of regulation and ride-sharing versus operators. This is our transportation system rearing its ugly, error-filled head right at us, and we need to take notice. We need to think forward and see how the common goal of providing safe, reasonably priced, quality transportation can be met by all stakeholders for the benefit of everyone. Transportation is a major issue that has repercussions on how our economy goes forward– we NEED to care.


Nazis,  In Living Color 

The Gist: The dumpster fire that is the Trump presidency rolls on with the tragic weekend that was seen all over the world from Charlottesville.

Verdict: I won’t lie, I feel a bit guilty that I seem to have been spending more time following the issues going on in America when the Philippines is having its own ‘series of unfortunate events’. I blame the late night segments and their genius mix of comedy with facts (see: John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert). I’m still holding out hope that one day  we find a way to deliver news in the Philippines in a similar manner– fun, yet highly informative. (* crosses fingers *)

Anyways, here are the points:

  • WHY? Why are there still people who think this way? Hay. A thought that often crosses my mind when ruminating about people who hold old world views– and a thought that rings true in this context.
  • HOW? How is this guy still president? Is this their own version of ‘tiis ganda’? They don’t seem to be getting anything done– and they jump from one controversy to another. Sad.
  • The Power of Being Permissive. One frightening image from the Charlottesville protests was that of “white nationalists” walking around in the same uniform worn by Trump to his golfing trips. Another scary instance? when David Duke claims ‘they are fulfilling Trump’s promises’ through their protest.

Needless to say, folks– that’s scary as shit. If in America the words and rhetoric of a           president preaching hate can be used to encourage negative behavior, can the same           happen in the Philippines? I wouldn’t be surprised if it could.

This is exactly WHY Duterte’s words matter– and why somebody in his administration needs to drill that idea into his head. Words, when said from a platform of power, become more powerful– they begin to matter more. A joke may seem like a joke to our president but the underlying implications are there. Jokes about rape, words about murder or cussing may all seem like the hallmarks of Duterte but now that he’s mayor no more and the leader of an entire country– that behavior becomes example. It becomes a possible model for the Filipinos of tomorrow.

Forget about your complaints that you don’t like this job or that you’re ‘not a diplomat’ because guess what pal, you are. Multiple resignation threats later and you’re still here, in this position– leader of THIS country. People see you as that and you need to BE an example of positive behavior to all Filipinos– whether they support you or not.

Don’t get me wrong, though- I’m not saying that a neo-Nazi/ white supremacist type group will emerge if Duterte continues to act the way he does. He has his issues but he is not as bad as Trump. What I am trying to say is that if he does continue to display hallmarks of negative behavior (which he does)… there goes your excuse for a shift in Pinoy culture: the propagation of rape culture, a negative attitude toward women, etc.

TL;DR: Watch your words, watch your behavior– you’re in a position of power that can be used to influence. Push that you influence for the good instead of the bad. Please.





Ayoko Na.

This is just too much.

First of all, hello again blog world. I’ve kept myself away from you for some time and by now, you know why. But recent times have given me more reasons to keep away.

I’ve come to realize that keeping myself to the web world is just pointless… to opine on a clear screen would be tantamount to trolling, in my opinion. A thought shared with no concrete action to substantiate.

But I’ve given up. I’m full, I’m frustrated, and honestly… I’m done being neutral. I’m done being quiet.

So let’s eat some cake, shall we?

  1. #MarcosNotaHero

I have a very vivid imagination. It has been both a blessing and a curse to have this, as I’ve found watching horror movies during the day tends to make me a little scared at night. (I’m not saying I’m delusional here), but you know how it is– late night walk down the hallway to get water, late night bathroom trip… mirrors. They tend to be a little more frightening after seeing films like The Grudge at 7 am. You tend to think you see or feel things that aren’t even there.

Another thing that proves to be the bane of a vivid imagination are torture scenes in films, creepypastas, and well… novels.

In my senior year of highschool we were assigned to read Desaparecidos, a narrative as vivid as the colors in an oil painting. (Forgive my memory– a simple google search shall give you a general idea of the plot). What I remember most about Desaparecidos was the way in which scenes of torture were described. It was this particular novel that made me gain a newfound appreciation for Filipino literature and language. When written right, first person is a strong tool to use as a way of hitting the reader– and in my case, this is exactly what happened. This book just gripped me. I had seen Batas Militar multiple times for AP class, and read of Martial Law, but it was this book that opened my eyes to the casualties that Marcos caused.

So it comes as a surprise to me how people still feel like it is okay to deny this even happened. There are victims, there are families who lost things during this time. There are accounts of how things were. How could this be a lie? Is that all it was… infrastructure made it all okay? Those imprisoned were pasaway? Really????

Verdict: “He was a president, and he was a soldier… therefore, he deserves to be in Libingan ng mga Bayani.” Frankly, he probably made it a last wish because he was the one who renamed it Libingan ng mga Bayani, folks. He wanted to be remembered as such… but let’s be honest: he. was. no. hero.

As much as I would love to dig up facts and make my case, I… I’m just too fed up with everything that I feel it would be futile. One thing I do rebut is the argument that ‘xxxx was president during this time why didn’t he xxxxx:– maybe because said person wanted to just work on things for the people instead of forwarding his political agenda? Maybe there were more important things to do?

2. The Margaux Uson Phenomena 

Sigh… just typing up the headings for these paragraphs makes me want to throw my hands up in defeat. What has happened to us?

The last time journalism was under siege in the Philippines was during the time of Marcos. Now, here we are… and yet again, journalism is under siege.

My lessons from COM 140 are all suddenly coming back to me– ‘discipline of verification’, ‘adversarial’…’fourth estate’…. these all still mean something. There are still people out there who want to deliver the truth, to tell the right stories. To keep watch over the government.

But no. We now live in a time when social media engagement gives people the power and the freedom to spread false narratives. To demean the work of trained journalists and to bash them. To exchange their bodies of work for intentional misinformation.

Need I tell you who I’m talking about? Hay nako.

Here are some thoughts on dealing with Ms. Uson:

First of all, call her by her real name. People adapt stage names for several reasons– to stand out, to seem different/unique, or to hide from their past. This might just be the case with Miss Margaux. Besides, what’s so wrong with that? It’s a pretty name.

Know her context. She’s a Thomasian who was actually on her way to a medical degree. There aren’t any online sources that place her dropping out of med school alongside her dad’s death, but in an interview she does mention it as a reason for getting behind Duterte.

Don’t use her ‘sexy past’ against her. That’s called a low blow, and one that I personally believe is not even necessary in an argument against this woman.

Civility & Fact. No one likes to be insulted before they are reprimanded. Maintain a cool, civil tone and present facts with corresponding sources. Discuss with a cool head (no matter how hard that may be). In that way, you end up not being the one that looks bad in case Margaux (or whoever of her fans you may be talking to), end up using insult against you.

Don’t Share. She already has four million followers on Facebook– what are you doing sharing her posts? Don’t give her that satisfaction. Paste a link with your written frustrations instead. 🙂

Now, here are some thoughts on Miss Uson:

Social Media & Irresponsible Use. It seems as though YouTubers seem to have a much better grasp of the significance of a social media following than our good ‘ol Miss Margaux. I’m not saying there have been YouTubers that havep not used their followings to do negative things, but there are online personalities that harness their fans to actually do some good (favorite example: Pewdiepie’s charity efforts). Miss Margaux, on the other hand, harnesses her four million followers to spread misinformation and false claims. So far, I’ve seen posts that demean mainstream media, assassinate characters, and use manipulative narratives to spin downright lies.

Leni. I have nothing but major respect for Tricia, Aika and Jillian Robredo.

Imagine  encountering outrageous stories about your mother online– and realizing people believe them. Imagine encountering online personalities (Margaux) posting daily insults and petty jabs about your mother, and reading the insults in the comments section… comments from your fellow Filipinos–the same people your mother wanted to serve when she made the choice to run for higher office. Imagine reading conspiracy theories about your father’s death, and how your mother “allegedly” had a hand in his passing.

You have to wonder what it took out of them to make the decision and to see what Margaux Uson and her online cronies have done now. Had it been myself I would not even have let my mother do that. But these girls… kudos. props. respect. And I hope you girls continue to stay strong for your mom.

And as for you, Margaux, I don’t know how you even have it in you to continually demean Mrs. Robredo. Screw your ‘i’m not a journalist’ bullshit, I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that trumpeting your thoughts to your following makes a very strong impact. How do you sleep at night? Is it really that fun to peddle conspiracy theories about a woman who chose higher office to serve the people?

Face to Face. This may never happen, but I’ll propose it anyway. The only way things can truly be settled between keyboard warriors is through a face to face debate, one that involves both sides in a critical and calm discourse. Push away the Facebook barrier and the fake accounts, and sit down in the flesh, and then talk. * pipe dream over *

Lastly, here’s to the journalists everywhere– be it campus journalists, professional journalists or aspiring journalists. Please stay strong, please survive. You can do this. Please never give up on the dream of sharing the truth and the stories of your people. You are strong, you are capable, and your fight does not end here.

You can do this.

Postscript: I’m not denying the existence of bias in mainstream media. In fact, one of the things you learn in journalism class are the corrupt practices that the fourth estate has gotten involved in– things that future journalists are taught NOT to do. But to demean mainstream media as a whole is to me, unfair to those journalists who do not practice bias but are still labeled as such because of people like Margaux Uson. I firmly believe that those journalists still exist, and it is with them that I stand. 

Too Much Rotten Cakes: a Slices of Life Comeback Blog

I’ll keep the excuse short –> life got in the way, and I just don’t have the time to be a lame duck sitting at my computer anymore <– now, let’s get to the meat of this piece.


  1. Miriam: The End of an Era 

The Gist: The Philippines lost a great Pinay yesterday with the passing of former senator Miriam Santiago. 

Verdict: I won’t lie, I expected this– but not as sudden. I hoped to see her live for just a bit longer– but no, someone decided this was the end.

You weren’t a ‘perfect politician’, Miriam, you made your share of mistakes and worrisome quotes. But there is just no other like you. No one else with your level of experience, intelligence and capability. No one else with a fierce love for this country and a deep, deep desire to serve. It is saddening to see you go at a time when it seems the legislature has become an absolute joke– because we needed you now more than ever.

I’m happy to say that my first presidential vote was for someone as capable as you– again, that Bongbong decision was not a good one– but among everyone else there was clearly no one better fit to lead, in my opinion at least.

The shadow of your loss looms over a problematic senate filled with men who act like boys, over a Congress filled with a manyak group of middle-aged congressmen who see no problem in rationalizing that a sex tape viewing is ‘in aid of legislature’. I often find myself imagining what you would have done to them– kicked Trillianes and Cayetano out, perhaps, or dressed down Vitaliano Aguirre or Pantaleon Alvarez for their shear stupidity. But then I remember you are gone, and find myself losing optimism in the state of Philippine politics.

I can only hope and pray that the politicians now and the youth that have had an opportunity to meet you are inspired by your example to live out a fierce desire to serve and continue to be critical of the government.  Your loss is a big one and your service should never be forgotten. Thank you.

2. All Talk, No… Just All Talk

The Gist: The never ending cycle of Duterte making a speech coupled with an outrageous comment–> eliciting negative reaction –> cabinet member rationalizing behavior as the after effect of some physiological issues and so on and so forth. 

Verdict: Honestly, please just do this country a favor and shut up. Better yet, please stay within script and just give the speeches you need to give quickly and civilly. It sure would help everyone’s blood pressure. Written statements would be preferred.

I am tired of hearing you run your mouth. You think it won’t affect the economy? You think that it’s not the problem well guess what it is. If you really want to show how actions speak louder than words maybe you can do that. Fire Martin Andanar and hire a competent communication team and research team to present what your efforts have done through imagery and infographics you can show online. Use genuine, real-time data to illustrate what your initiatives have led to. Create an evidence-based report. Cut the cussing, bow your head and work!

In the meantime just talk through a spokesperson.

3. The Manyak Boys of Batasan aka Congressextape 2016

The Gist: House speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and a number of his colleagues at congress seem to think that there is no issue with utilizing the alleged sex tape of embattled senator Leila de Lima as evidence ‘in aid of legislation’. They seem to think so to the point that they see no problem in showing the said tape during the drug hearings. 

Verdict: First of all, I’d like to thank the women in my family for teaching me strength and decency. Second of all, I’d like to thank my Media Law classes for teaching me how wrong and illegal this is. I cannot even begin to describe how angry, disturbed and disappointed I am in this. There are so many other ways to prove the existence of a relationship between De Lima and Ronnie Dayan. The fact that you even have the gall to joke that the tape makes you ‘lose your appetite’ when it is an alleged tape is disturbing.

Thankful for the females in Congress who do realize that this is a problem and have been circulating a petition that is against showing this tape during the hearing. Time to hope, pray and (desperately) call on Miriam Santiago’s ghost to knock some sense into the heads of these congressmen.

4. DeLima, Lima, Lima

The Gist: What is there to say about DOJ secretary turned senator turned chairman of human rights committee turned female whipping girl of the Congress drug hearings?

Verdict: Let me preface this by pointing out that I am not too fond of Leila DeLima myself. She could easily have been part of keeping this drug ring going on by letting it continue, or she couldn’t. There is no legitimate proof yet that makes this statement a fact. Yet, if she is a person of interest in said case, than investigate her properly and decently. If found guilty, punish her as needed.

But that’s just it.

Innocent until proven guilty, diba? So why does it seem as though we’ve already branded her as guilty? If she’s really a suspect than follow rule of law and be fair, and more importantly… decent. But let us be honest here: her past with the DOJ is what’s making this assassination of  her character and reputation so easy.

What I have been wondering since this drama began is how things would be like if another senator had chosen to investigate the killings, perhaps Grace Poe or Risa Hontiveros? People whose service histories are far, far away from the department of justice. Would the government have been as keen or as prepared to assassinate their characters? Would they have been ready with alleged sex tapes and dirty laundry prepared from the past?

To conclude: I am very, very worried about De Lima’s mental health. I hope she has family or friends to come home to that relax her and soothe her stresses because one can only imagine what it must feel like to be bashed and beaten like that. Again, to summarize:

De Lima = history with the DOJ has made her prime target for character assassination

She may be guilty or innocent

Investigate decently, properly and carefully

If innocent – let free and don’t character assassinate further

If guilty- punish as needed



5. Cursed Cabinet

The Gist: A personal rant about the problematic cabinet members of the Duterte administration 

Verdict: First of all, why don’t all of you just shut up, consolidate your statements and hand them to the one guy whose job is to communicate?  I’m talking to you, Martin Andanar. Panelo, go learn some diplomacy and stop talking for the president.

[ Careful not to rant too much due to the archaic libel laws of my home country ]

6. Hill x Trump: The Race Nears

The Gist: On Hillary, Trump and the pending change of power in America

Verdict: I’m not as explicitly informed about American politics as I was during the Philippine election, so I may have relied heavily on late night comedians for my dose of what was going on. Thank you John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah for the constant updates and the education, pretty much.

All I can say is good luck USA. I hope you realize that a serial liar billionaire for a president is not going to end well for you. I’ve been told Hillary’s got a multitude of skeletons in her closet but it looks like thanks to systemic issues you’ve ended up with her or him as choices. Believe me, we know how it feels to choose between thorns. We just did that three months ago.

But perhaps what do you need now is someone who actually knows what they’re doing and has your best interests at heart. Make the sane, decent choice and just don’t choose Trump, okay? I personally cannot even begin to imagine what things will be like if both Trump and Duterte are world leaders.

In the meantime, I may be looking forward to more quality jokes from the best of American late night comedy.

Postscript: I heard you had another shooting over there? Fix your gun laws!





Slices of Life: Diet Edition

  1. Why, Even? The Marcos Burial

Apparently President Duterte is making good on one of his campaign promises: having late Dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ wax body finally make its way to the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Verdict: Our president is a lawyer and his mom was a Martial Law activist… so why is he so blind to why this isn’t a good idea??? Our history books teach us that Marcos’ time was turbulent and troubling for the country. He left the Philippines a world of debt and hundreds of families still suffer because of what he did. It is as simple as Libingan ng mga BAYANI = Marcos, not a bayani, therefore = NOT ALLOWED.

2. Gloooo-oooo-oooo-ria. 

Former President Gloria Arroyo was recently released from detention. Days later, she secured a deputy spokesperson gig at Congress– and, just like that, a former thief and election cheat is back in power.

Verdict: ANUNA, PILIPINAS? One can only shudder to think about what kind of an example these recent events are setting to the youth of today. A former dictator can move on and move into a burial zone of heroes. A proven election cheat and thief is allowed power and freedom. It hurts to have grown up aware of Arroyo’s misgivings and to see her go free like this. I don’t care about your long weekends, Gloria, I want you to pay for your crimes.

3. Manny Pacquiao and Death Penalty: A Saga

Verdict: Going straight here because trying to explain this incident just makes my blood boil. Manny, no. Just don’t. As much as I’d to lament on how this guy even got to the senate in the first place, that’s not the issue here. Votes were counted and we put him there.

What I’d like to go into is what we can do with him considering he’s already in the senate.

First things first, why are you even talking about death penalty?

Second of all, stop quoting the Bible. You wanna learn how to be a senator in the senate? Use laws and legislation and not God to defend your arguments.

Lastly, do some research and work on bills to benefit Philippine athletes. Get them training centers and education and facilities and credible coaches. Get them what they need to be at their best to win gold. Work on legislation providing winners (like Hidlyn Diaz) with sufficient compensation. Do some real good for Philippine sports.



On The Death of Tolerance & Respect

In my earlier post I talked about how social media has become a very toxic environment in the wake of the election season. In this post, I’d like to further elaborate on my sentiments about this issue and bring out more points of discussion.

Let me begin by saying that I’m sick. I’m sick, tired and completely jaded. Facebook used to seem like a less hostile place but now it has become a war zone in itself, and a place filled with sentiments from people you’d never expect to have those kind of sentiments. Some experiences have scared me, and changed my perception about the people I’ve chosen to friend but I choose not to unfriend them– disturbing as their stances may be as compared to my own. Elections aside these people are still my acquaintances, and have done nothing besides express their opinions.. just as I am doing as I type this post right now.

But it has not been easy to sit back and practice tolerance and respect, most especially online. I’m sorry but I must mention one candidate in particular here: Duterte (read earlier post to see sentiments on this guy) I have no choice. Based on the experience I have had on my timeline, besides Mar, Duterte supporters are the only group that seem to be singled out when it comes to election propaganda. Never have we heard the same for the supporters of Poe, Miriam or Binay. (or have we?)

I have come to believe that there exists a rational group of people who have chosen Duterte for a valid, civil reason– one that they can probably explain without the need for insulting language and harsh remarks (a possible one: this government sucked, sucks and I need  real change). But the problem is, rational Duterte fans aside there exists the rabid Duterte fans. Those that have come under fire for threatening rape and murder upon those who dare to speak against the Davao mayor, and that is obviously NOT OKAY.

They are, unfortunately, the most visible example of how rabid fans turned netizens display no level of respect or tolerance toward the supporters of other candidates. These are the people who practice the ‘you’re-stupid/wrong-coz-u-don’t-support-my-candidate’ mentality. Am I saying they’re the only ones? Nope. Am I saying that they’re the loudest? Yep. Unfortunately for Mayor Duterte (or not).

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again for the sake of those who don’t know how to read properly: they’re NOT the only rabid supporters out there. Duterte’s front runner status has made him the prime target of not just netizens but local news networks whose visible bias against the mayor is questionable. Memes and images exist of the prolific mayor as well, and he has been the subject of many a status message because of his remarks towards women (some of whom I’d like to agree were valid points raised against him by some very civil people, mind you).

Yet at the end of the day this isn’t about the candidates. This is about the voters– this is about the people.

Why is it so hard to say ‘okay’ when someone prefers a candidate other than your own? Why is it so hard to not express disgust or disdain upon the person of your friend because of their presidential preference? Isn’t this ‘freedom’ the whole point of democracy? Free, open, inclusive and non-discriminatory conversation about our country’s future sure doesn’t seem like a bad idea– then why don’t we give it a try?

Forget the insults– forget ‘dutetard’ or ‘martard’ or whatever nickname exists out there and talk like civil human beings. Engage social media like civil human beings. Is it really THAT hard to resist a brash display of bravado in the name of shear spite or pride?

Probably not.


Candid8, Candih8: VP Edition

(It’s only fair to get this done. Chz.)  BIAS WARNING.

Alan Peter Cayetano

Thoughts: You used to seem like one of the more reasonable legislators until you decided it was okay to say that six months was enough to suppress crime. You’re brave and consistent and those are genuine plusses. But… naaaaaaah.

Prescribed course of action: Skip the tandem game and stand on your own two feet. 

Bongbong Marcos

Thoughts: Can one really fault detractors of this guy when he shares so much physical similarities with his father? Pangalan palang, mata palang–nandyan na lahat. Listen to the video that proclaims Martial Law and listen to him speak in the VP Debates. Feel chills up your spine. Remember though.. to detach, because it is true that the son is not the father. But the son is part of the family.

And the family is behind ill gotten wealth– and lost lives– and torture methods that would come to scar and traumatize thousands of families. And that alone is cause for apology. Unfortunately for us, despite his education Bong doesn’t seem to realize that– and chooses to remain a remorseful, unapologetic prick.

But Martial Law aside, what has Bongbong even done in the senate besides the BBL? Does he have laws passed or filed that will make a true dent on the ills of this country? Well, if such exists then where is the proof of his productivity? Why isn’t he  trumpeting that instead?

You’re a lucky fool as it seems as though your daddy’s bffs in the sects of the Philippines might just win you the Vice Presidency. And the world will see. And the world will remember us as the most forgiving country. The one that decided.. yeah it’s okay to wait 20 years: let’s elect the kid of that same guy who declared Martial Law and screwed the country up for a few years.

Oh well, notebook papel.

Prescribed course of action: It may be too late, but say some ‘sorries’ and things may change for you. 

Gringo Honasan

Thoughts: The soldier turned senator turned VP wannabe. It seems as though he hasn’t made much of a dent in the VP race. Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmmm.

Prescribed course of action: Somebody tell me what he’s been up to!

Chiz Escudero

Thoughts: Robot voice aside, this guy used to lead the vice presidential race. He hasn’t been a social media whipping boy but has been hounded with his share of controversy in the campaign period. I trusted him as an up and coming senator but feel as though he hasn’t quite convinced me so I’m iffy.

Although he seems to do the tandem bit a bit better than Cayetano, I’ll give him that.

Prescribed course of action: Voice coach!!! (CHZ.)

Leni Robredo

Thoughts: Grace and Leni are similar in the sense that they both do not have the taint of public office on their hands. They are neophytes, yes, and they bring to the government a mindset free from the jaded-ness of problematic political systems. I apologize deeply to Leni fans, as I horribly underestimated her (believing her to be a bit reminiscent of Cory). But it turns out I was wrong, and I couldn’t be prouder to call this woman my candidate for VP.

It’s pretty noticeable in the media how other candidates seem to have more mud than usual to throw at each other, but such is not the case for Leni, as her biggest ‘taint’ is her choice to run under LP. Savage social media users dare to post photos that decry Robredo’s alleged high election commercial spending. But this is the same woman who doesn’t drive but commutes home on a bus like everyone of us. Suck on that, internet trolls.

Prescribed course of action: Vote for this woman. 

Antonio Trillianes

Thoughts: Whatever happened to the Bad Boy of Oakwood? Well, he spent time in jail, became a senator, and chose to pull the most desperate pre-election moves in recent history. It’s hard not to see his actions as such because of the timing and his placement in the surveys. Productivity wise though, Trillianes has done substantial work as a legislator, and, if he chose to keep his head down for a few more years, could probably try for the big leagues again. For now he seems to be better placed in the legislative branch.

Prescribed course of action: Keep at your senatorial work pls. 


CandiD8, CandiH8 aka the Post that Might Get Me Death Threats

(Still on it AKA continuing series on election related commentary)
For this post, I’m putting on a brave face and doing a per candidate verdict section– based on everything from controversial news to debate performance to shear personal preference.
Jejomar Binay
Thoughts: There’s nothing worse than a politician accused of corruption. There’s nothing much worse than a politician who refuses to deny nor admit to corruption. What’s the worst? A politician loud and proud of one of this government’s biggest social ills: the political dynasty.
Let’s not make this about his skin color or his daughter– I am no fan of Jejomar Binay and his politicking. I may not be a big fan of this administration but to see how he summarily resigned from his position in the cabinet and began to play the blame game on the administration he HAPPENS to be a part of just seems so… ludicrous. He doesn’t even bother mentioning what he has done during his term as vice president and seems to think that the logic of ‘if-i-can-do-this-in-a-small-city-i-can-do-it-for-a-million-other-people’ makes perfect sense.
Well guess what? It doesn’t.
Prescribed course of action: Honesty is the best policy.
Rodrigo Duterte
Thoughts: Here’s another big fan of the ‘if-i-can-do-this-in-a-small-city-i-can-do-it-for-a-million-other-people,’ logic, among other things.
I won’t mince words here. At first I actually saw you as a beacon of hope, Mayor– especially in the early stages of the race when it seemed like you would actually run. And then you said you didn’t… and then you said you would.. and then you didn’t reach the COC deadline. And then.. you ran. The rest, they say, is history.
Duterte supporters can say all they want about the media bias faced by this front runner but even they have to admit that he’s no angel– even he’ll say that I’m sure. But what he doesn’t seem to get is how when you’re a public figure words mean something. Words are actions and he seems to only have the worst kind of words coming out of his mouth.
His upbringing is no excuse for such behavior, nor are his audacious promises and tendency to flip flop. Let’s sit back and recall the last time a politician flip flopped on a publicly made promise– oh yeah. Remember GMA? Remember when she said she wasn’t gonna run but did… and won?
Unless things change and dayaan (or the grace of an unknown higher being) prevails I’m at that point where I’ve come to.. albeit begrudgingly, accept a Duterte presidency. I’m not willing to set aside his words from the campaign season but I will… out of my love for this country… give this man the benefit of the doubt. Think about this, though: Cayetano says that ‘best practices’ are but a google search away. But what’s the point of standing in front of a broken faucet, google search solution in hand, without the resources to make change possible? What’s the point when external issues make things impossible? The true leader knows not just what should be done but knows how to adapt in case things don’t work out. In case external circumstances make things impossible for the solution to become a reality. Is Duterte this kind of leader?
Prescribed course of action: You better not screw up—for the sake of all of us.

Grace Poe
Thoughts: Neophyte, underdog, surprise top notch senator—you almost had me, Grace, you almost did. Your research impressed me, your irrational battle with citizenship based legitimacy endeared me…. I was this close to forgetting that you haven’t been in public office for long.
But now I don’t know anymore. You’ve said things… you’ve succumbed to things I’m not for and I’m not quite sure about you just yet*sighs*. But one thing I’ll keep about you, Grace, is that we need people like you in office. People not tainted by a political last name and a corrupt upbringing. But your feet is barely wet and now you’re heading for the ocean? Are you sure?

Prescribed course of action: Build your way up, do your job, and things will change in 2022.

Mar Roxas
Thoughts: In another life… if you weren’t in LP….. if Cory didn’t die and you didn’t give way for Noynooyyy……
I feel like life would not have been this hard for Mr. Roxas had he not chosen to be part of LP, because it’s not like he hasn’t done anything during his time in government—especially for someone whose entrance into public office was born not out of willingness but of circumstance.
My timeline is filled with individuals who support both Roxas and Robredo but I cannot bring myself to support Roxas because of the time he has spent being accepting of what are glaring administrative errors. Had he chosen to promise correcting the mistakes of the past at an earlier time maybe things would change. Had he chosen to distance himself from issues and accepted his mistakes maybe things would have been different. Pero wala eh. But one cannot help but pity Mar. With the weight of blame he receives for the most audacious of administration mistakes he would probably have been dead by now. I’m supposing he probably doesn’t log on to social media because almost ¾ of the posts online seem to enjoy bashing him. Let’s be honest. He probably won’t win but at the end of the day behind the yellow shirt and the gwapo son is a human being—one, I hope should be spared of the cyberbullying once the election fire dies down.
Prescribed course of action: Serve, serve, serve & let the people know about it. Nicely. Also, stop the admin whipping boy task you’ve given up enough for Noynoy.
Miriam Defensor Santiago
Thoughts: The KWEEN with her coif! I’m not afraid to say that she’s got my vote, and I believe there are enough reasons why. This woman possesses the intellect of all these foreign educated candidates and the tapang of Duterte—so why isn’t she leading? Why has she become the last choice?
One word: cancer.
It’s a crippling hindrance and a horrible excuse to place in front of a woman whose experience and capabilities paint her as the perfect individual to reign in a problematic nation. In another life, this woman wouldn’t be sick. Perhaps in one of the feasible worlds God made she would even be president (NAAAAKS USING DAT PHILO 103). But we have our world and this is the Miriam we get.
The biggest mistake she made during this campaign period was choosing Bongbong as a running mate—this, from the woman who claims to be the candidate of the youth. But then, there’s the part of the youth painfully aware of Martial Law, and then, there’s the other half, the one that seems to think it okay to forget the mistakes of the past.
Least we can do is put her where she belongs—the presidency.
Prescribed course of action: Take your meds, beh. Disown Bongbong. And V O T E for her!